Rupat Island Festival in Bengkalis

The beauty of the Rupat Island landscape, Bengkalis Regency, will be more complete if you visit during the Rupat Beach Festival. The festival was held for three days, July 15-17 and was centered on Pesona Pantai, Rhu Bay, North Rupat.

zapin api dance in bengkalis

Rupat Beach Festival is a new tourism agenda developed by Bengkalis Regency Government. This festival has been scheduled to be an annual event and the schedule is not long ago with Eid (Idul Fitri).

Various entertainment events were held during the Rupat Island festival. The most unique is the appearance of Zapin Fire. This dance is a regional culture that is rare, featuring dancers on embers.

Other events include a race to search for mussel shells, rock climbing on the beach, a windsurfing competition, and a bathing boat competition. In addition, there are attractions of ornamental boat parades, relaxing walks by the beach and local cultural arts attractions that held in Rupat Island Festival.

While enjoying a variety of entertainment at the Rupat Beach Festival, your eyes remain spoiled by the beauty of the beach covered in white sand. Meanwhile, in the vicinity, you can see a row of palm trees that never stop waving because of the wind.

Although the distance to Pesona Rhu Bay Beach is relatively far, but the satisfaction of seeing a stretch of sea water with white sand can make its own pleasure for lovers of marine tourism.

For those of you who are curious about the festivities of the Rupat Beach Festival and its natural beauty, you can travel by using sea transportation from Dumai City. Use fast boats or roll on and roll off (roro) ships through the port of the Fish Auction Place at Doc V Dumai.

Upon arrival at the Port of Tanjung Medang, you will travel overland for about two hours to the location of the festival on Pesona Beach. Don't worry about lodging. In North Rupat, there are 20 homestays that have been labeled by the tourism office, seven guesthouses and one non-star hotel. (**)

How to get to Rupat Utara
* Take a ferry from Dumai to Tanjung Medang and continue with a motorcycle taxi to Teluk Rhu.
* From Dumai cross the Rupat Strait to Rupat south using Roro followed by a road trip.
* In the Rhu Bay and Tanjung Lapin areas, there are only two guesthouses available at Rp 250 thousand per night with AC facilities.
* Only one house with residents with a price range of Rp 100 thousand - Rp 150 thousand.

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