The Tourism Islands in PLTA Koto Panjang Kampar Riau, Beauty Place to Enjoy the Nature

plta koto panjang lake is a hydroelectric resources in kampar regency riau province
There are still many who argue that Riau Province is very minimal to have a natural tourist location when compared with some surrounding provinces. Therefore it is not surprising if every weekend or national holidays, people of Riau Province tend to choose to travel outside the region such as West Sumatera province or Riau Islands.

It can not be denied that neighboring provinces like West Sumatera offer many interesting destinations from waterfalls, lakes, mountains to coastal and island tourism. But of course to travel to these places require a fairly expensive cost, especially for transportation and accommodation. Time and cost constraints sometimes become an obstacle for some tourists to enjoy the atmosphere that the neighboring province offers. Especially for the students, of course their budget can be a major problem.

Traveling on Koto Panjang Hydroelectric Lake in Kampar Regency can be an alternative for tourists who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the island nuances. In addition to affordable budget the place is easy to reach and does not require much time to reach it. The lake or Koto Panjang hydroelectric dam that is formed by Kampar River Dam is generally a hilly area. After being drowned, some hilltops are not submerged to form several small islands. The number is very much even almost reaching the islands. The islands are formed is not like other tourist islands that have a stretch of sandy beaches and waves. Even if there is a wind blowing a bit tight, will only cause waves ripple that is not how big. However, the cool natural conditions and green forests become the main attraction for visitors to this natural tourist location. Especially for those who avoid the noise and hustle and bustle of urban atmosphere.

Visitors who are recreating to the small islands in the middle of the lake can take advantage of the many motor boats available around the docks keramba. There are also rental boats that standbye dipelabuhan other as in Ulu Kasok, Bridge I, Bridge II, and other community tangkahan. The boat rental price varies depending on the size of the boat and the driving force. If using a robin machine and the like it costs around Rp. 350 thousand a day, if using a Johnson machine the local term for the outboard engine can cost almost twice as much. The price of chartered boats is generally based on negotiations. There is no fixed price or price based on kilometers of travel. There are several islands that can be visited or used for camping activities like Tonga Island, Qeis Island, Budi Island, Pulau Camat, and so forth.


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