The Culture Village Sentajo in Kuantan Singingi Riau Province

The attraction tourism of Culture Village of Sentajo have to visit if you visiting Kuantan Singingi Regency.

The attraction tourism of Culture Village of Sentajo have to visit if you visiting Kuantan Singingi Regency.

This preserve culture village has a beautiful natural view that located in Kuantan Tengah District, around 5 kilometers from Taluk Kuantan, Center city of Kuantan Singingi, Riau Province. In this Koto Sentajo tourism village you can see old houses that still exist and original. The society of Koto Sentajo Tourism Village also keeps stand for the culture. Behind the village we can find the forest that still origin and a wide around 5.000 hectares.

Koto Sentajo is a village that is a "home" for the people of Kenegerian Sentajo. Customs in Kenegerian Sentajo until now still exist, despite continuing to adjust to the progress of the times. In this village, the ancestral heritage is still maintained, especially between community relations.

Try coming to the village of Koto Sentajo. In the village which has been designated as a tourist village in Kuantan Singingi Regency since 2012, we can find a variety of neatly maintained cultural relics.

Rumah godang piliang tribe (rumah godang suku piliang kuantan singingi)
Starting from Rumah Godang from various tribes who live there, to Sosoran Pondam Pandekar Tuah. Both of them became the center of the Sentajo civic community activities after Iedul Fitri arrived. Another interesting relic in kulik is a mosque called Raudhatul Jannah, which is called Mansojid Usang by residents there. It is said that the mosque was reportedly built in 1838.

According to the data, there are 24 Godang Houses in Koto Sentajo. Each house can accommodate around 125-150 people. The whole Rumah Godang is the home of 4 large groups of kenegerian Sentajo people, namely the Paliang Tribe, the Caniago Tribe, the Malay Tribe and the Patopang Tribe.

On a typical day, the atmosphere at Koto Sentajo is not crowded. In fact, it tends to be quiet and peaceful. Only a few people were seen passing through the village streets.

However, when Idul Fitri arrived, thousands of residents of the Koto Sentajo village descend. They stay in touch with each other. Get to know each other, and return to their cultural roots, the color of the Sentajo country.

When all together gathered at Rumah Godang, that's when the effort to pursue history began. Everyone will get acquainted with their friends. Either who settled in the village, or in the country. At times like this, a sense of family between the Sentajo people thickens. And all will realize, that they are brothers. Equally part of the tribe which occupies the fourth clump village became the capital of this district.

If interested, come to Koto Sentajo, preferably in the morning. Besides the air is still fresh, we can talk to the villagers who are active in activities. Just asking about the history of Rumah Godang, or talking about rice and other Sentajo cultures that are still sustainable today.

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